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Tags not working on

by Sharique on September 18, 2007

It seems someone is playing with the site. All the URLs of tag pages have been left with only //

instead of

Plagiarist! Plagistist! Plagiarist!

by Sharique on May 3, 2007

I hate plagiarism. I hate it when people don’t acknowledge the sources. I hate when people just copy paste stuff. I hate it more when they don’t respond to emails or comments. One guy called Murali Venkatesh stole 3 of my posts. He is actually using some RSS aggregator so accidentally he posted a posts of mine with pictures which I had hosted on my blog. Technorati detected it and hence I came to know about this dude. I left a comment on his blog but he deleted that. Here are those stolen posts

1. World Cup Cricket 2007 pictures

Technorati favourite exchange

by Sharique on April 18, 2007

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Technorati is the best place to look for blogs. I am really impressed by their bot which is so quick in updating. I prefer using it over google search or tag browser.

I understand that its really difficult for a personal blog which is non-techie to make it to top 100 favourite and I am not even attempting that! I am happy with the readership I have but would love to get new readers who are interested in the stuff I write. The thing is that I offer full feed so no one bothers to come to the blog to read. Secondly I get more than 50% of my visitors from google so that means they are just one time visitors who would never come back again. So why not build some readership with the help of fellow bloggers.

Blogging tools I use

by Sharique on April 10, 2007

Blogging Toolkit is a set of tools and and softwares that a blogger uses to manage, publicize, monetize and optimize his blog. A blogging toolkit is needed by a blogger for generating traffic, gaining popularity and running a full featured blog.

Nirmal has tagged me to reveal my blogging toolkit and here I shall be writing about my blogging kit.

1. Blogging Platform

WordPress is my blogging platform. I shifted from blogger last August. WordPress has been amazing in terms of flexibility it has offered. Blogger stands no where in front of wordpress when it comes to themes, plugins and RSS feeds. The coolest thing about wordpress is the RSS feed. You can create RSS feeds for any category or even search terms

The Bloggies 2007 results are out

by Sharique on March 13, 2007

The bloggies results are out and I realised it only after its over! Anyway here is the list of winners with nominees (definitely on my reading list)


Weblog of the Year





Most Humorous Weblog


Go Fug Yourself



Best Asian Weblog


Tokyo Girl Down Under