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300th post on this blog

by Sharique on March 10, 2007

This is my 300th post on this blog. I remember when I shifted to my own domain name last August, after awestruck by the beauty of Patrix’s blog (it is now not as beautiful as it used to be), I just has 95 posts. This blog has traveled a long way since that eventful August, 2006. Serendipity now gets around 150-200 unique visitors each day (Short stats claims that figure to be around 400-500 but I wonder why it’s so high compared to google analytics). Google adsense income is around $ 2-4 per day, which is high by my standards. On few occasions its as low as $ 0.5 but average hovers around $3. Feedburner tells me that I have around 110 subscribers. The google PR is now 4 but predictions are that it will increase to 5 shortly. The most visited post, which will be a surprise to most of my regular readers, happens to be When Munna bhai is overtaken by Veer. (It has been viewed 2158 times)

Short cut to Digg fame

by Sharique on March 1, 2007

Digg is one of the most visited website in the world. A story on the front page can earn you 1000s of hits in minutes. Even after every effort by Digg to stop spam, people have manipulated the website to their advantage. There is a site called U/S which charges $1 per digg.

What’s hot in the click business

by Sharique on February 28, 2007

MyBlogLog has compiled a list of 10 hottest clicks in the world (yes sadly clicks and not chicks), thanks to their tracking code


Worldwide 10 Hottest Clicks

They also have country wise listing on their site.

Egyptian Blogger jailed

by Sharique on February 24, 2007

Abdel Karim has been jailed for blogging against Islam and the president Hosne Mubarak.  Yasmin has a well articulated post which critically examines the fallacy of the verdict.

Amazingly, Chapter Three of the Egyptian Constitution which deals with Public Freedoms, Rights and Duties says in Article 47: “Freedom of opinion shall be guaranteed. Every individual shall have the right to express his opinion and to publicize it verbally, in writing, by photography or by other means of expression within the limits of the law. Self criticism and constructive criticism shall guarantee the safety of the national structure. “

What does it take to be a good writer?

by Sharique on February 17, 2007

This question first came to my mind when I read a paragraph in one of the job tests in early December. I have been wondering about it since then. After nearly 2 months of contemplating I am coming establishing the following beliefs without even a shadow of doubt- (GW- good writer)